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Your support allows you to create a meaningful relationship with them. As a sponsor, you communicate love and encouragement through letters, photos, packages, and even visits! When you sponsor, every dollar goes directly to meeting your sponsored child's needs. 

Sponsorship Shares Explained

Due to the increased cost of living in Uganda, it now costs more than $35 a month to meet all the needs of one child; that's why we introduced sponsorship shares. SPONSORSHIP SHARES enable multiple sponsors to share the total cost of taking care of one child. 

Realizing that not every sponsor will have the ability to meet the required total monthly cost of taking care of one child, it’s the reason why we introduced Sponsorship Shares. As a sponsor, you have the option of taking up all the SHARES of one child if you so choose. Depending on the academic level of the child, the number of SHARES will differ since the costs vary.


Sophia Nantongo

Sophia is the first born in a family of four children; one boy and three girls. They live with their parents who are both peasants. They find difficulty in paying tuition, feeding, clothing, giv...

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Sophie Nandujja

My name is Sophie. I have no brothers and sisters. My parents separated before I was born. My mother left me to live with my grandmother ...

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Stanley Bwete

I live with my parents. Unfortunately, they had an accident in November 2017. Mum had one of her legs fractured but she later recovered. My father broke his chest bone and had the left s...

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Steadia Tukahirwa

My name is Steadia and I lost my father when I was still very young. I remained with my mother who takes care of me and my five siblings. Before&...

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Stecia Nvannungi

I live with my parents. They are peasant farmers who grow corn, sweet potatoes, beans and vegetables on a small scale majorly for home consumption. There is ...

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Stella Birungi

Stella is the third born in the family of four children. She has two brothers and a sisters. Stella is a jolly girl who stays with both her parents and siblings. Her father has a second ...

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Stella Manishimwe

Stella comes from a poverty stricken family of seven children, six girls and one boy. Stella enjoys reading a lot and loves to learn.  Her parents, bein...

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Stella Mpakibi

I live with my brothers and both parents in a small village of Kikuba Mutwe in Eastern Uganda. My parents are peasant farmers who earn a living by selling a ...

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Stephen Ssenjiyunva

Stephen is the second born of the seven children in his family having four sisters and two brothers.  He used to stay with his parents but they were so ...

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Stephen Wamala

Stephen and his three siblings live with their parents. His father earns very little yet the mother is a housewife. Missing school due to the lack of tu...

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Steven Buule

Buule_Steven2-_Lugazi.jpg (medium)...

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Steven Mugwanya

Steven is the first born of 2 boys. He and his brother, Michael stay with their grandma because their father was involved in a fatal accident when Steven was...

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